Accelerate your learning – my tactical 10 step approach

Meta-skills are the new skills, but they never get taught in traditional educational systems. Today, let’s get tactical on accelerating the learning process.

The Tools:

  • Computer with Internet Connection
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Evernote App
  • Phone Camera

The Process:

  1. Google topic (refer to  – 11 tips to improve google search results) and open top ten results in seperate tabs
  2. Skim through each tab and get a general gist of major concepts. Pro Tip: Take notes with pen and paper, research has shown this aids brain development. Appreciate the different modes of learning (articles, videoes, blogs, articles, etc)
  3. Know the 5W1H about the topic. (e.g. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How). This is more informational, which is less valuable in the world of internet, so move to step 5 with more applied questions.
  4. Outline 5 additional questions that are more applied. For example: What are the most common application of …, What are the limitation of…, What are common mistakes when using…, How can “X” be repurposed.
  5. Pick one source that peeks your interest and go deeper.
  6. Understand high-level simple concepts first. Pro Tip: Type “ELI5” before the topic in google (works well on reddit too. ELI5 stands for “Explain Like I’m 5.” Pro Tip: Approach material with intention of teaching topic to someone else. This perspective makes you think more criticially.
  7. Identify people beyond the content, and look how they have applied their knowledge of topic to solve a problem. If time permits, search individuals on twitter, reddit, youtube, and github. This will give more context.
  8. Digitally capture notes, images, links for future reference. Pro Tip: Take picture of hand-written notes and upload to Evernote with appriopiate tags.
  9. Set small achieveable goals with timelines and then move to step 10.
  10. Take action on newly learned knowledge and make or do something. Generally speaking most effective learning constists of 33% studying/researching and 66% doing/creating. Don’t be intimadated, starting from scratch is not neccesary. Modifying other projects/code or expanding on existing project is a quick way to jump into the “doing” mode.

Additional Resources: Khan Academy, Udemy, Udacity, edX, MasterClass online, Coursera.


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