Optimize Upstream Tools – 11 tips to improve google search results

Learn how to optimize upstream tools that provide downstream results, especially if they are frequently used. Arguably one of the most utilized tool for the world…Google search.

Here are tips/tricks to optimize this everyday tool.

  1. Use quotation marks to search for a phrase instead of seperate words.
  2. Place minus sign to ignore a word (e.g. pancakes recipe -flour).
  3. Use “New Incognito Window”, disabled IP address and location tracking. Press Ctrl+Shift+N.
  4. Use an asterisk to find a word don’t remember (e.g. America the *).
  5. Look for similar sites with “related:”.(e.g. related:reddit.com).
  6. Search for topic on specific site with colons (e.g. Lebron James site:espn.com).
  7. Search multiple phrases at once with “OR” (e.g. “pancake recipe” OR “waffle recipes”).
  8. Gradually add search items terms. This 3 step process provides more targetted results.
    • First Try – Data Science Interviews
    • Second try – Prepare for Data Science Interviews
    • Third try – ¬†How to prepare for Data Science Interviews
  9. Use words that website use, don’t talk to google like a human.
    • “I have a broken phone screen” could be replaced with “iphone screen replacement”
    • “I want to make more money” could be replace with “high paying jobs”
  10. Use important and unqiue words only. Keep it simple.
    • “Where can I find a car mechanic in my city” replace with “mechanic nearby”.
  11. Check time in other countries (e.g. time hk). I use this alot dealing with global workforce.

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