Things to live by…no particular order.

I carry a small notepad with me to capture ideas, concepts, or just random points. Here is a list I compiled recently…
  1. Spend money to remove a negative (instead of adding a positive)
  2. At work, focus on your strengths, at home, focus on your weaknesses
  3. Everything will be hard at some point.
  4. Focus on the 20% of actions that will lead to 80% of the results
  5. Pay yourself first
  6. The worst case scenario is that I die. Whatever “it” is, probably not that bad.
  7. A good simple life is not that expensive, we make it complex and pricey.
  8. Consider the opposite before you think to complain.
  9. There is a cost to everything – even convenience is just a delayed cost.
  10. Eat food with few ingredients or even just 1 ingredient
  11. 7 hours of sleep + 1 hour exercise > 8 hrs of sleep + 0 hours of exercise
  12. Life is always a better choice, its a sustainable idea, it always has been.
  13. Look for purpose not happiness, one is cyclical the other is persistent.
  14. Most people are the same and want to do good.
  15. Money is renewable time is not.
  16. Eliminate, then Reduce, then Automate, then Reuse, then Eliminate…
  17. Value time of silence, it lets the brain cool.
  18. Listen, Learn, Confirm, then Create.
  19. Indifference is the opposite to Love – engage, have opinion, and smile.
  20. Ask if this is a problem or solution. Focus on problems first.
  21. People run companies, not processes.

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